Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest launch FALL TRAVEL SALES from Seattle

A weekly roundup of air travel and airport news for the Pacific Northwest Lori A. May Aug. 24, 2021 Life // Travel ☆ Article ☆

Yoga For Travel

“Yoga can complement your travels and the physical and psychological benefits are endless. Yoga can reduce anxiety levels, help you maintain a sense of balance, ease your jetlag and muscle stiffness, help you stay present in your travels and create a sense of contentment. These are just a few reasons to integrate more Yoga intoContinue reading “Yoga For Travel”

15 Tips for Your First Solo Trip

MaRo Travel Muse Email: 15 Tips for Your First Solo Trip • • • 15 Tips for Your First Solo Trip In a world filled with so much to see and do, there’s no time to wait around for a travel buddy. I mean, really – how many times is that one friend gonnaContinue reading “15 Tips for Your First Solo Trip”

pH On-The-Go {Travel Tip}

☆Travel Tip☆I love this product! These portable filters come in a resealable bag for easy travel use and omg does the water taste heavenly!!I always have one in my water bottle, I even have one in my coffee maker water… and of course they are a must while traveling!!One pouch lasts a month.#travelhappy#stayhydrated#TravelMuse ~Check ThisContinue reading “pH On-The-Go {Travel Tip}”