Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest launch FALL TRAVEL SALES from Seattle

A weekly roundup of air travel and airport news for the Pacific Northwest Lori A. May Aug. 24, 2021 Life // Travel ☆ Article ☆

Yoga For Travel

“Yoga can complement your travels and the physical and psychological benefits are endless. Yoga can reduce anxiety levels, help you maintain a sense of balance, ease your jetlag and muscle stiffness, help you stay present in your travels and create a sense of contentment. These are just a few reasons to integrate more Yoga intoContinue reading “Yoga For Travel”

Top 5 Personal Finance Books of 2021

Some people have a knack for money management whilst others have a more gone with the wind mantra. Wherever you fall on the money scale – it’s important that you continue to learn and educate yourself. We’ve sorted out our top 5 book recommendations. Leave us a comment on your recommendation.Instagram reposted from @btchvestor#financialfreedom #financialindependenceContinue reading “Top 5 Personal Finance Books of 2021”

pH On-The-Go {Travel Tip}

☆Travel Tip☆I love this product! These portable filters come in a resealable bag for easy travel use and omg does the water taste heavenly!!I always have one in my water bottle, I even have one in my coffee maker water… and of course they are a must while traveling!!One pouch lasts a month.#travelhappy#stayhydrated#TravelMuse ~Check ThisContinue reading “pH On-The-Go {Travel Tip}”

Covent Garden

The elegant piazza and market with street cobbles and the arched market buildings hint at the rich heritage. From being an orchard garden of Westminster Abbey to London’s first residential square to London’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market, Covent Garden has a fascinating history. Once an important working market and the backdrop for the musical MyContinue reading “Covent Garden”

MSC Cruises is offering healthcare workers a discount of up to 50% off cruise fare!

MSC CRUISES SAYS THANK YOU MSC Cruises is offering healthcare workers a discount of up to 50% off cruise fare! As MSC Cruises has now begun sailing once again in the Mediterranean, they are honored to offer all healthcare workers a discount of up to 50% discount off the cruise fare, as soon as theyContinue reading “MSC Cruises is offering healthcare workers a discount of up to 50% off cruise fare!”